My first sprite)) what do you think?

Made such magician :slight_smile:


I like it! The shapes clearly say magician, and the texture of the staff looks very twisty.
Taking it into Asesprite I saw this.

This is a messy palette. What this means is that you have so many colors that are similar to each other that don’t give any noticeable lighting difference.

For contrast a good palette should look something like this:
Just enough colors of different brightness to give the illusion of lighting.
If you use an indicator(draw a circle from a location) you can use that to give you an idea of how to light your magician.
If you light an object and the light source is in the top right, it might look something like this:

The outline is darker farther away from the light source and gets lighter towards the top right. Hope this was helpful. I look forward to any other characters you plan to make!

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Thanks for the criticism, very valuable advice. I will try