My first time makin looping parallax animation

this is fully made using aseprite only. well im trying to figuring out how to do this more efficiently.
i made this by animating in 1 by 1 frame and theres 400frames in this animation. i know there is aseprite script that do this automatically for you. but as a beginner i mostly found those script are not free.
so i use Macro Recorder to repeat my steps on moving the layer and it worked perfectly. all i need to do just animating the second and third frame and the App will repeat the steps until you want it to stop.
Looped Pixel Art Parallax Test (Aseprite) - YouTube

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Existe un script en que te ayudara en eso pero es de paga

Awesome parallax! I love the different colors, it really gives it a different feel each time.

Thank you! The aseprite color changer feature is really helpful