My new art style and some artworks

Im planning to make a 2d game so this will be my new art style, I would like to know what people think about that character size and all ( also they are not finished yet). I ve got some inspiration from castlevania and other games. The flying ball is from Harry Potter…
Also on my deviantart I explain why I gave up my old drawing style too.

check more of my arts here:


I really love it! These have a very pretty aesthetic, so much so that even the blades appear “soft” if that makes sense. If they still made SNES games today, this is what I imagine some of their art would look like.

The “anti aliasing” style you have in the shading is clearly coming from a practiced hand, and really excellently done. Its a style I’ll admit to being envious of, though I’ve never actually tried to make any of my own sprites in this style. Im also interested to know more about your game! Im working on one myself. Do you use Game Maker too by any chance ? Its always good to have another person to talk GMS with, so let me know!


That’s really good, congratulations and keep it up!

I should post mine someday… :grin:

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Thanks, Im happy to hear all that you said. About my tools, I use Gamemaker v2 for engine where I have a “test room” for testing controls and animation, and I also had 1 stage already done but I migrated from gamemaker v1 to v2 so that messed up my codes and is slowing me down a bit(thg thats not a problem right now). I also use Aseprite(of course) for characters, effects and animation, Pyxel Edit for tiles/background, Paint Tool Sai to sketch some concept art(I also like to draw anime/manga style) and finally I use DesignDoll sometimes to try out some cool stances in 3d before drawing them in pixel art.

These look really cool! Nice work!

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