My pixel art evolution from 3 months ago


nice work! And quiet a huge improvement in your art style.
I like that the later art shows a good understanding of values - and a good play with highlights and shadows
Keep it going, Neraid!

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Thanks for the kind words mate! I really appreciate it, those really motivate me to keep going.

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Wow! that’s unbelievable .I studied just for few days. I want to learn more about pixel art after I know your paint!

I like the style very much. The shadow make it looks like a masterpiece!

Just practice! That’s all you need to know. :smile:

We must not neglect the importance of the bases pixel art is a set of techniques related to pixels it is the container in a certain way and the content is all the bases related to drawing, anatomy, perspective , color, etc.
Of course it is possible to learn everything in pixel art

I love it its clean and simple but as well detailed My favourite is the bottom blue one