My saved files are invisible. Using Pop OS/ Ubuntu based linux distro

already finished everything, from draft to animation. when I entered my folder everything is not there even on terminal. but when I reexport again it says "do i want to overwrite the file so I browsed using Aseprite and it shows the folder is full of my work-files. is Aesprite (steam) buggy or incompatible on linux?

OMG did you ever figure it out? I’m on the first day of a game jam and have spent 6 hours on pixel art only to not be able to find my work! I could see the files through Aseprite, but couldn’t locate them in my files system. When I tried to save anywhere else it said that I didn’t have permission. So I went through steam, right clicked and went to file location. Found the aseprite app and right clicked it and set read/write permissions and tried again. There was no different. I went back through and changed permissions from my user name to “SUDO” and now I can save files where ever I want and actually see them in the file browser BUT I CAN’T FIND ANY OF MY PREVIOUS WORK!
my asprite. ini still shows the paths that has my work, but I can’t find/load any of them!
_ = true
0000 = /Aseprite Saves Maybe/PixelartMobo1.aseprite
0001 = /home/defunct_username/Desktop/New Folder/PixelartMobo1.aseprite
0002 = /home/defunct_username/PixelartMobo1.aseprite
0003 = /home/defunct_username/OldRecordPlayerPixelart.aseprite
0004 = /home/defunct_username/RecordPlayerPixelart.aseprite
0005 = /home/defunct_username/StereoPixelart.aseprite
0006 = /home/defunct_username/StudiomonitorPixelart.aseprite
0007 = /home/defunct_username/RadioPixelartBrown.aseprite
0008 = /home/defunct_username/RadioPixelart.aseprite
0009 = /home/defunct_username/TubeAmpPixelArt.aseprite
0010 = /home/defunct_username/RFgenPixelart.aseprite

_ = true
0000 = /Aseprite Saves Maybe
0001 = /home/defunct_username/Desktop/New Folder
0002 = /home/defunct_username

Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately, I had to move all my game dev files to my windows machine because aseprite on steam wont let me have access to my save files. My hunch is, steam save files to windows only readable format, which also explain why my Pop OS machine cant find the files.

Steam should have nothing to do with your files for Aseprite, it’s only a launcher. Aseprite is an independent binary, it only uses the Steam API for tracking the time spent using it. The files that Aseprite saves are also OS-agnostic. If there was a problem with using Aseprite on Pop OS, it’s probably a problem with Aseprite itself, or a problem at the OS-Aseprite interface, e.g. Aseprite doesn’t have access to the directory it’s writing to, but doesn’t realise it.

Thank you. Sometimes the save files can be accessed and sometimes it can’t, which is frustrating. So I just dual booted my machine with pop for my web development work and windows for my game dev hobby.

has there been any progress on this or is it better to avoid aseprite on pop_os?