My videogame VRMN NVZN drawn entirely with Aseprite indexed images!

Hello there, Aseprite community. I am a game developer and mediocre pixel artist. I want to share my game with you all that uses artwork with (mostly) black/white/transparent indexed color images. Aseprite has been simply outstanding to work with when developing the game. I initially did my graphics in 32-bit RGBA format, which I found to be a waste of bytes later. I have started doing all new graphics in (what would theoretically be 2-bit) indexed color images.

My game is a scrolling sci-fi shooter with cinematic story. I say I am almost done with the game, because I have yet to plan a release date, and I have some more work to do before it can be played. People have been surprisingly very supportive of my work. I plan the game will cost $3 when released. :slight_smile: I’ll be sure to post a 75% off code here for my friends who use Aseprite, when the game is ready.

Video of part of the game on Twitter:

And the game’s store page which contains more screenshots and the trailer:

Thanks, friends


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