Navigate to .AppData Folder?

I’ve been working on a Minecraft texture pack, but I’m running into some problems with saving to my pack’s folder.

I need to navigate to C:\Users[my name]\AppData\Roaming.minecraft\resourcepacks , but I’m unable to copy+paste the location into the file location bar at the top of the Save as popup menu. I can’t type there either (Is that normal? I can’t remember.)
Another way to get there would be to navigate to the AppData folder through ase’s file explorer, but without copy+pasting or typing I can’t come up with a way to get there.
Hopefully this makes some ounce of sense.


An easy solution for you might be just to make a symlink to your minecraft or resourcepacks folder. Then you could just have C:\minecraft and it will be the same logical location as the one in appdata.

Switch to the native file dialogue in preferences -> experimental