"Nearly contiguous" filling

“Nearly contiguous? How can a pixel be nearly contiguous?”

Okay it may totally be a stupid idea or something too gimmicky but let’s say pixels are of the same color and “almost” touch each other, meaning they share naught but a corner.

How about an option to fill this kind of “communicating” pixels?

You would end up with 3 types of filling:
-filling of contiguous pixels
-filling of both contiguous and nearly contiguous pixels
-filling of non contiguous pixels

The nearly contiguous could be an additional icon like a checkerboard thing so that people are not confused by a change of the normal contiguous option. Activating it would automatically toggle the contiguous option while deactivating would just become regular contiguous.

nearly contiguous

For instance, such an option would allow for instantly recoloring an outline or a messy sketch without needing selection or layering tricks.

Maybe it’s just a crazy rambling IDK. But pixel art is particular. I mean, pixels can clearly be linked together without directly touching except for their corners.

Don’t you think it is interesting idea at least?

See if the pixel connectivity settings do what you are looking for.



That seems to be exactly the thing I was thinking about. I should have been more curious.

Thank you!