Need Feature : export Aseprite as textureAtlas

Im making games in xcode + apple’s spritekit which required .plist file ( instead of Json format ) .

I thought most Mac customers also need .plist exporter too .
Since most of them making native iOS app with native Spritekit

Export features is the key to productivities .
Thought iOS games revenue worth hundred millions $ , none of pixel-art softwares in the market could export .atlasc (Which is needed in iOS native spritekit)

If Aseprite could export .atlasc , I thought Aseprite would become a mainstream tools for iOS game development.

Here is the .plist 's structure example

Well … maybe ill write JSON to .plist converter application myself :[
Thought i cant fully understand Aseprite’s export capability .

Seem like Tag = marked as difference Animation set ???

Hi Vadoo Avaloo,

TexturePacker - Create Sprite Sheets for your game! works fine for me.



Texture packer is nice , but require multiple .png file . :v
Problem occur when the single character movement need 60-90 frames .
Its super messy when i need to export 90 png files from Aseprite , then sum it up with TexturePacker again.

Exporting multiple .png files also losing “Tag” information.
Which mean , i need to save multiple .ase file for multiple actions (Walk / Atk / Fly / Run /…)
Which is not easy to work with , cant test animation onion :< between different actions at all

The ideal Workflow is :

  • 1 Character in 1 .ase file /
  • divide actions by “Tags” /
  • exporting to .plist + spritesheet
  • The plist spliting dictionary of actions by “Tags”

Actually you should be working in that way. The only problem I see is that you need a plist file (which Aseprite cannot generate at the moment). I have future plans to create a template system to add different output formats (.json, .xml, .plist, etc.).

Maybe I can help you in this .json to .plist converter (which them will be useful to create a template for the new “template system”). Do you have a simple .ase example with for example one character, two animations (two tags), two layers, and how would you like to see the .plist output (and if it’s possible, it would be nice to see the expected .plist as a text/xml file).

File Sent , please check yours in box :smiley:

Aseprite Rock !!