Need help exporting

So i just made my first animation and i used some layers so now that i try to export i cant do it as gif cause of the layers is there anything else i can do to export it i dosent need to be gif but just so i can play it outside the program
Hope i can get some help :slight_smile:

If you want to keep the layers you should save using “.ase” or “.aseprite” extension, and if you want to play it outside the program you should save it as “.gif”. You can save it in both file formats and that way your problem is solved :slight_smile:

When i try to save it as a gif it says that file format dosent support layers so im kinda stuck but then again im all new to this so i might be missing something obvious

If you click on “File>save as” and use “.gif” extension, it shows a warning about layers, but you can save it anyway by clicking on “yes”.

Just remember to save also a copy in “.ase” extension, in case you want to preserve layers.

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Cool i get it now thanks for the help :slight_smile: