Need pixel artist for a game! (FREELANCER)

Hello I am WolfHybrid23. I am the owner of Instinct Loop, We are a new company and we need help. We don’t have enough pixel artist for our game! It’s called The Bend. Game Jolt - Games for the love of it.

What is this game about?
It’s supposed to be a meta game of sorts. Although it doesn’t start showing it’s meta until later into the game. It’s a story based around our company stealing souls and trapping them into video games to give the video game worlds semi-sentience. We are currently working on DEMO 1.0.0, We have currently release DEMO 0.6.0 with placeholder sprites and a feel for how the puzzle part of the game will be.

What kind of art will we need?
We will need various environment art for ancient ruins, a forest, a city and a post apocalyptic environment for each of the previously listed. We will also need sprites for our monamalgams (Short for Monster Amalgamates), These creatures will be various combinations of real life and mythical creatures as their name would suggest. We will also need art for fully animated cutscenes although we don’t plan to include many of those.

Are you interested?
We would prefer you could do this for us for free. But we will be happy to pay you 15% of the games monthly sales (Paid monthly) until you decide you no longer want to be part of our development team.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Hey, sounds like a cool game idea, would love to learn more but the link isn’t working for me

I can do this i think i am intrested

Link doesn’t work.

Interested in working for free/assisting in providing additional “placeholder” sprites, etc. (Since this would be my first time freelancing and working on something outside of my own work.)

If you have a DC or something I’d love to discuss things more with you.