Need some help!

I am making palm trees. I am not sure which color would be perfect for the palm tree. Art concept is similar to pokemon games.I found some palettes for palm tree. It is realistic picture palette. I couldn’t find any sample of pixel palm tree.That’s why it made me confuse to create palm tree at this moment. I feel colors are not matching each other now. I am open with any suggestions. Thanks!

As far as realism, what you did is impressive! I do feel like this would pop with extra, especially for the outlines. Any background would make the comparison easier. The trunk looks a bit too textured perhaps, but overall I could see this in a game already! One way to see if you are happy with it is to add a new layer set its blending mode to saturation and add black over it so you can see what it would look like desaturated, another good top to see if you are happy with its shape is to open the preview tab and zoom out.

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Thank you for reply! i’ll try to make background and try to fix the trunk texture. Thank you for ideas. :heart: