New brush not work with symmetry

Hi, I think this is a bug or a lack of implementation.
It is that you can not create a new brush when you are using a line of symmetry.

Hola, creo que esto es un bug o una falta de implementacion.
Es que no se puede crear una nueva brocha (Ctrl + B) cuando se está usando una línea de simetría.

Hi @SynthED, actually it looks like we can create a brush, but the brush is not inverted depending on the symmetry, but maybe there is something I’m missing. If you have a .aseprite and want to share it to then tell me the symmetry line position and the new brush bounds to give it a try.

I leave here the file and a capture with the area from which to create the brush.
If something is missing just say it and I see to administer it.
The lines of symmetry are located right in the centers.

Dejo aquí el archivo y una captura con la zona de la que crear el pincel.
Si falta algo sólo decirlo y ya veo de administrarlo.
Las líneas de simetría están ubicadas justo en los centros.


I think that I understood the problem from the screenshot, I was creating the brush without a selection (i.e. pressing Ctrl+B and selecting the bounds of the brush), but with the selection (when the selection is in old sides) it “doesn’t” work (it will create an huge brush with the size of the whole canvas in your case).

At the moment you can give a try to creating a brush without using the selected area.