New feature idea [program graph]

I wanted to do this myself but because of bad circumstances I don’t have to tools to, I was wondering if Asprite can implement a feature, like how unreal engine uses a type of graph to deal with graphics, that is used to track color placement across the canvas. this tracking of color can be used in correlation with a system that places color in relation to shades for depth. with this, I believe you can do something similar to how the AI companies generate images but with sprites tho the detailed work will still have to be manually done with some example images, and users’ input in requests for builds or looks you can make developers process much faster. my question is this possible? Also, this is considering that the grid would have to be very large… 3000x2400.

And so I won’t forget you are really coding the image to have the same starting points depending on what kind of image it is do this don’t fill and bleed in ways you do not want and the layers are always the same depending on which body type the layer is going to draw so if it is a leg it will only draw out to certain distance unless the user asks specifically. I was certain this can be done in C+ and the other conventional methods.