New here! Looking for tablet recommendations

Hi there! I’d like to start pixel art (and drawing in general) and I was looking into getting a pen display tablet - however, I’d like to get one that is usable with aseprite!

The ones I’m considering are:

Huion Kamvas Pro 12
XP-Pen Display 12.

However, I’m open to recommendations beyond these! Thank you!

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Aseprite has no support for any tablet features, so anything that moves the cursor on the screen will work the same, whether that’s a mouse, a regular tablet, a screen tablet, or something else. So, pick something that works well with your other software and is comfortable to use.

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After working with a pen display tablet to do pixel art in Aseprite, I find it very uncomfortable to do pixel art with a mouse or a pen tablets. I have to echo eishiya’s comments that Aseprite has no special features that support pen display tablets, it behaves the same for those input devices.
If you plan on buying a brand like Huion, and XP-Pen, the one concern I’d have is does those two models have drives that support ones current Operating System. Check their software download site and research how often they update their software to support current and future OS.
At the time when I purchased my first pen display tablet, I didnt have any other option other than Wacom. Though it costed a lot, it has lasted me over a decade and still going strong. Wacom still offers driver updates to the model I use. I would not recommend it as a first purchase unless art is gonna be part of your career.

All the best!

If you’re interested in someone who’s used their tablet while running Aseprite: I have a XP-Pen Star 06 Wireless Tablet from a few years ago and so far it works really well for long sweeping strokes and shading. I do find myself moving back to a mouse or my trackpad when I need to make a lot of specific pixel placements… but the tablet works just fine, either way. I’m assuming as the program continues to evolve and the interface gets a little smoother and even more intuitive than it is now, I won’t feel the need to switch.

I’m using Huion new1060 plus, pretty satisfied!

Try checking out the awesome scripting API and especially some example scripts! Of note in this case is the touch toolbar that adds a lovely popup with buttons and easily accessible features. While that one is minimal, I dare say that with the right help, you could make Aseprite a fully fledged tablet loving software.The API is robust, and won’t be easy if you haven’t coded before, but, Lua is a great language to start with! Hope this is helpful in some way!