New to aseprite. how are these base animations?

as the title says, i’m new to aseprite. i’ve been wanting to make a game so i’ve been messing around trying to build some base animations to work off of with more detailed sprites later.

what do you guys think?


i think the walk cycle is alright.

i have more to show but i can’t post more than one in a post right now

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here is another animation


i think this idle might be a bit too much but i’m unsure how to subdue it

and my final kinda wonky one…


something seems off on it but i have no clue how to fix it.

You did a pretty good job on all of the animations I would say they aren’t all made equal though. The breathing has a bit too much moving upward for someone who is supposed to be just breathing(Idle). I think the head shape is a bit weird, maybe because the ears are angled so much but there is no hair yet. But you would need to make a character out of this before I could be sure.

The ladder animation gives a stretchy and bouncy snap when the character bounces off the ladder. I really like the ladder animation and could see why you could say “something seems off” because of at least the reasons I just said. Either way, well done experimenting with this!

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thank you so much for the feedback! i really appreciate it!

I was going to see if i can tone down the idle animation somehow when i get the time.

The game is supposed to be a little top down at least so maybe that’s why the ears are angled? haha
though the reason i’m doing a base like this before going in head first working on a finish character is so i can tweak things a little easier.

How would you suggest fixing the head? moving the ears?

I’m actually glad you like the ladder climb. perhaps i find it odd 'cause i’m not seeing the character move up a ladder but just seeing a close up frame of where the character is. messes up my perception of it. so i guess i’ll keep that one as is for now.