[New] Trying to understand cell linking/Why won't my edits work across cells?

ase what

Mainly, what does THIS ^ mean? I can’t find this in the help docs.

I am/was under the impression that right click > link cell = whenever I edit ANY of those linked cells, they ALL change, no?

It seems that some of my cells are instead changing over to this. My only fix has been to copy-paste the same thing into each one, then the cell link gets THICC and it works as expected.

Surely I’m doing something wrong here. I am brand spankin’ new here so please use zero jargon. Thank you!

Welcome @Vazzaroth, in the “Linked Cels” section you can find this screenshot:


Linked cels are all the circles that are connected (thick connection when are adjacents, and thin line when they are non-adjacents). As you notice, linked cels share the same image. The thin line indicates links between non-adjacent cels of the current cel (the thin line visibility is dynamic, it changes depending the current cel because it couldn’t be used to show all linked cels at the same time). In the following example:

image image

  • when the current cel is the 1, you can see that 1, 2, 4, and 5 are linked.
  • when the current cel is 3, you can see that 3 and 6 are linked.