New update on Steam Aesprite copy from trial to full

So I am somewhat stupid. I’ve been using Aesprite for a while, opened it up and created a sick animation. Lots of frames and layers. Then I realized I had done it on the trial version (still on computer, ahggh). Tried copying my file from the trial to my full version and I’m having some issues, updated the software before opening it. I’ve tried copying one layer, one frame of one layer, CMND + A, selecting layer title in copy, nothing is working. In the new full Aesprite it doesn’t even show me having anything copied to the clipboard. I also tried dragging the tab over, I know I was able to do this process before (when I first downloaded the full aesprite it worked fine) but now am having issues. Thanks!

Hi @Pigeon, here a step by step guide:

I know this already, its not working man. sorry :frowning: found those instructions online from an old post, tried following them and could not get it working.