Demo/trial version

You can download the trial version from Aseprite website: Aseprite - Trial

In the trial version you cannot save images, and the only way you’ll find to move your unsaved work from the trial version to the official version is using copy-and-paste of each canvas/cel.

This is a quick guide to migrate your sprite from the trial to the full version:

  1. Select the whole image with Ctrl+A (or ⌘A on macOS) in the trial vesion
  2. Copy the whole image with Ctrl+C (⌘A)
  3. Go to the full version and create a new sprite with Ctrl+N (⌘N), the default size will be the size of the clipboard.
  4. Paste the image with Ctrl+V
  5. In case that you have several frames or layers, you can repeat the process copying-and-pasting each frame

In there future we would like to improve this in other way (e.g. copying and pasting the whole sprite between the programs with just one command).


This kind of trial version is really good, because people are able to fully try out program before buying it. Like other programs limit tools and add a huge watermark over everything.#Awesome

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can i use trial version for commercial work?

Do you mean taking screenshots or copying-and-pasting your artwork? Yes, you can! Remember that you will not be able to save the whole animation/layers/etc. (e.g. in a .ase or .gif file) with the demo version.

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How do I download the sprite I made?

can someone please help me I got Aseprite trial version and later then the full version but now when I open a file with Aseprite it opens the trial version
and im on Mac book

Perhaps you can delete the trial version :thinking: