Next frame shortcut keys problem with selection

Hola, cuando tengo una selección creada, si pulso en las teclas de acceso rápido para avanzar y retroceder un cuadro de animación, esto hace zoom, no entiendo por qué estas teclas de acceso directo para avanzar y retroceder cuadros de animación hacen zoom cuando tengo una selección hecha.

Entonces supongo que esto es un bug.

Hi, when I have a selection created, if I press the hotkeys to move forward and backward an animation box, this zooms in, I do not understand why these shortcut keys for forward and backward animation boxes zoom when I have one selection made.

So I guess this is a bug.

Hi @SynthED, what version of Aseprite are you using? v1.2.3? are you on Windows? could you please share your user.aseprite-keys locating it from Edit > Preferences > Locate Configuration File.

I use Aseprite 1.2.3 on Windows 10 64.

I need the user.aseprite-keys file, not the aseprite.ini :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh sorry.

I see what’s the problem, you’ve configured 1 and 4 to move through frames but only in the “normal” context (not the global context). And those keys are not removed for the global context. There is a bug in the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog, where each item should show the context too (e.g. we have two items for “Go to Previous/Next frame” but we cannot make a difference between them without seeing the context where they are triggered). Anyway, here is a fix for your user.aseprite-keys file:

I hope it helps!

EDIT: I forgot to properly explain what a “key context” is: each key has a “context” associated, for example, it can be enabled when there is a selection (like arrows keys to move the selection) or they can be enabled when there is no selection at all (like arrow keys to move through frames and layers).

Ok creo que entiendo, además se solucionó el problema con la configuración modificada.

Ok, I think I understand, that also solved the problem.
Thank you!.

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