"Next/Prev" Tile Selection Hotkeys

When I’m in pencil/line/bucket-fill mode while using tiles instead of the color palette, I keep wanting to press [ & ] to cycle tiles

I agree that this’d be a handy feature. fwiw, a Lua script can create a workaround in the meantime. Scripts can be assigned a keyboard shortcut under Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts.

local activeSprite = app.activeSprite
if not activeSprite then return end

local activeLayer = app.activeLayer
if not activeLayer then return end

local version = app.version
if not (version.major >= 1 and version.minor >= 3)
    and version.prereleaseLabel ~= "dev" then

local isTilemap = activeLayer.isTilemap
if not isTilemap then return end

local tileset = activeLayer.tileset
local lenTileset = #tileset

local appPrefs = app.preferences
local colorBarPrefs = appPrefs.color_bar
local fgTileIndex = colorBarPrefs.fg_tile

if fgTileIndex > lenTileset - 1 then
    colorBarPrefs.fg_tile = 0
elseif fgTileIndex < 0 then
    colorBarPrefs.fg_tile = 0
    colorBarPrefs.fg_tile = (fgTileIndex + 1) % lenTileset

To cycle to the left, instead of the right, it’d be (fgTileIndex - 1). To cycle the background tile instead of the fore-, it’d be colorBarPrefs.bg_tile.

Some time and effort can be saved by using the Switch Colors command alongside these. The default keyboard shortcut is X.

bro use alt+scroll whell,

[Alt+scroll] only cycles through the color palette, even when in tile mode.

you obvisoly have to have selected any tile before trying.