NFT generator script

Hello, I am interested in a script for generating unique images from layers, does such a script exist? (roughly speaking, to create NFT)
If not, is it difficult to do something like that?
I will be very grateful for the answer!

I don’t think such a script exists.

Minting an NFT requires communicating with a blockchain-based marketplace to do the actual minting and paying gas fees for the minting. So, such a script would need to connect to the Internet and talk to one of these marketplaces via their API provided they even have one, and could get expensive to test and debug xP

Aseprite can, however, export a lot of artworks all at once, and then you should be able to upload all of those to your marketplace of choice and semi-automate the minting of NFTs from them. I think it’s better to use the tools that your chosen marketplace provides than to try to write something in Aseprite.

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NFT stuff isn’t supported by the community, sorry.


Thank you for your reply!
You say that Aseprite can simultaneously export many images, please tell me how to do it?