No brush preview?

Hello, I’ve been using Aseprite for a while now but I’m new to this community. I could have sworn there was a brush preview when you held your cursor over a space on a layer, but now there’s none. I can still add pixels, but I sometimes end up placing them in the wrong spots when working in smaller resolutions. I did get an error earlier about something regarding the color I have selected wasn’t within the pallets range or something before this error, but I accidentally checked “do not show again”, so I no longer can re-create that error. I’m on ver 1.2.25. How do I get the brush preview back?

Hi @sureblade, check if you have this option: Edit > Preferences > Cursors > Brush Preview as Full Preview.

I was just coming back to say I fixed it, but I kinda brute forced it by erasing all the preference files to “factory reset” the program. I’ll try that if it happens again though ^^;;

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Hello, sorry to post in an older topic, but this just happened to me, and I was very confused for a bit. This is for people who might find this topic by searching, if this issue happens to you too: -
I noticed that my currently selected background color from the palette was a color that was beyond the maximum index of the palette ( had 33 colors, color index 48 was selected) - this seemed to break the brush preview. Aseprite in its latest version (v1.3 beta as im writing this) automatically fixes this issue, automatically selecting the final color of the palette, but for some reason it was not doing this, so there must be some weird edge case of palette changing that aseprite does not account for yet. Change your selected background color and it should fix the