No brush preview?

Hello, I’ve been using Aseprite for a while now but I’m new to this community. I could have sworn there was a brush preview when you held your cursor over a space on a layer, but now there’s none. I can still add pixels, but I sometimes end up placing them in the wrong spots when working in smaller resolutions. I did get an error earlier about something regarding the color I have selected wasn’t within the pallets range or something before this error, but I accidentally checked “do not show again”, so I no longer can re-create that error. I’m on ver 1.2.25. How do I get the brush preview back?

Hi @sureblade, check if you have this option: Edit > Preferences > Cursors > Brush Preview as Full Preview.

I was just coming back to say I fixed it, but I kinda brute forced it by erasing all the preference files to “factory reset” the program. I’ll try that if it happens again though ^^;;

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