No Steam Access and no internet at home either!

So, my friend gifted me Aseprite on Steam, I didn’t know he would do that, and I’m really happy because I was going to buy it next week but the fact is that I just moved to a new home and I need to use my company’s notebook for everything since I will only have internet at home again in about 2 months, but STEAM is blocked on my company’s notebook because people used to play CS at work (I hate them for this)…

I was thinking if there’s a way that I could have access to a portable .exe or a no-steam version just until I have internet again to download the steam version? My desktop doesn’t have wifi so I can’t dowload it there and just copy and Zip the files as I saw someone teach on another topic. I can send you screenshots of the gift receipts if needed, I just wish I could use Aseprite right away, I’m really excited to start on it.

Thank you!

The steam version is portable if you copy it out of the folder and delete the steam files:


Then just put it on a USB stick or something, or e-mail it to yourself.

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Ah wait I should have read properly. :sweat_smile:

I guess you’ll have to talk to @dacap about that.

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So my friend, who gifted me will try to do this for me, he’ll login on my steam acc, download, delete those files and e-mail me the .zip! If he’s not able to do that I’ll talk to @dacap about this. Thank you!

Ok he did it, everything’s fine now, i’m already using aseprite, ty!!!

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GLHF! my guy and enjoy your pixelart salvation

I have the same problem how can i get the files?

I use mine remotely with the steam files still in tact thanks be to my own google drive. use whatever 3rd party system is available. Or request through your IT system to get access to one so you can access it. State legitimate business use if need be.