Non-pixel-grid conforming ("smooth") brush tool

Hello. I am an animator and I have a question about Aseprite.
Is there a non-pixel-grid conforming brush tool?

Here is a video demonstration of the kind of brush I am looking for.

Notice how the “smooth” brush can paint in-between pixels and its value is averaged out, while the pixel-perfect brush can only paint in the nearest pixel.

Does such a feature exist in Aseprite? If not, can it please be added?

Let me explain why I would want such a feature. It may sound counter-intuitive to have a non-pixel-conforming brush in a pixel art tool, but it’s actually a crucial step of my animation process.

When I animate for my game, I do sketches using a “smooth” brush tool. This allows me to capture details that go beyond individual pixels.

I then trace over my animations using pixel-perfect brushes and use anti-aliasing techniques to recreate the sub-pixel movements in the animation.

Currently, I use GIMP to draw the sketches of my animations for my video game, because it supports this “smooth” brush tool. I then have to export all of my animation frames into a raster format, copy them over to Aseprite, where I can begin tracing over the sketch into the final pixel art.

If Aseprite had a “smooth” brush tool, I would be able to create animations for my game entirely within it, rather than having to use GIMP for the first step.

I use Aseprite Version v1.2.4.0 by the way.

P.S. Here is what my animation looks like traced in pixel-art form.

Looks like no AA brush settings in Aseprite, but these “Dynamics” settings might better than nothing:

I definitely understand the want to reduce how much software you need to use - it speeds you up.

What you are looking for is not currently available in Aseprite, but if you wish, you can get a result close to what you want with a custom brush.
Just put a black point with a small opacity and put points with lower opacity on four sides of that point. When you select it with the marquee tool (M) to include only these 5 pixels and the other 4 empty corners, you can turn it into a brush with ctrl + b.
This will give you the closest result to what you are looking for.