Noob Question, how to edit a colour!?

Hey everyone.

Apologies if this is really simplistic but I’m having some trouble understanding Aseprite’s use of palettes. What I don’t understand is when I click on and edit a colour in the palette, why doesn’t it change? As in the palette’s colour itself? I also don’t understand why it isn’t translating to any pixels in an image which have that colour too?

I’m sure I’m missing something silly but it seems really odd that Aseprite doesn’t support this simple way of changing or creating a new colour?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Are you in Indexed mode, or RGB mode? In indexed mode, you’re limited to using only colours in your palette, and changing your palette causes your art to change. In RGB mode, you can add any colours you want, and the palette just acts as shortcuts to colours. So, it sounds like you’re in RGB mode.

To change modes, go to Sprite > Color Mode > (choose your desired mode).

Indexed mode is great for working with an existing palette that’s finalised, and RGB mode is good for when you’re still building out your palette or just want to experiment with colour.

Edit: Whoops, misread your post a bit. It sounds like maybe you have your palette locked? Make sure the lock icon is unlocked:
Note that this will only replace colours in your artwork only in Indexed mode, as described above.


@eishiya Thanks so much for your reply. I didn’t know either points so they’ve both been really useful. :slight_smile:

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