Nothing tells you how to make a tileset

I’ve been looking through the documentation, trying to find anything about how to actually make a tileset. The only page on it just tells you what it is, but not how to make one.

“What is a tileset? As its name says, it’s a set of tiles, just like the color palette which is a set of colors. Each tile has an index and can be re-used in different position in the canvas on each tilemap grid cell.”

This is entirely useless. You cannot make a tilemap without first making a tileset, and you’re given zero instructions on how to do so, nor is there any intuitive way to do so within Aseprite (or any way at all, as far as I could see).

EDIT: Apparently you can make a tileset by copy/pasting your tiles into a tilemap layer, but again, as far as I could tell, this wasn’t really explained, and it’s not obvious from the GUI when making a new tilemap layer because it’s presented like tilesets and tilemaps are two separate things.

Tilesets aren’t fully implemented yet, currently the only interface to create them is to draw on your Tile Layer (pasting prior art counts too). The current intended workflow is that you create your tiles in Aseprite. If your goal is to use existing tiles, then more specialised programs like Tiled (for maping tilemaps) or Pyxel Edit (for live-editing tiles and tilesets) are probably better, at least for now. Eventually, there will be more explicit tileset handling (this has been discussed in other threads, at least), and more explicit tileset creation and management options.

i think its pretty intuitive, someone messing around with aseprite could find it very easily the tilemap layer, from there they probaly undestand the basic form fooling around if the person knows what a tileset is, theres also the promotial video of 1.3 that im pretty sure shows how to do.