Now, more-or-less able to do some textures, just need corrections. Any critiques if possible

Texture Attempts

I’m trying to make textures for Mr Mislav’s class, again.

Thing is, I’m not so good with originality and usually have to near copy-things step-by-step

And as such, while I know the basics on how to make textures via hue shifting, I also have a hard time visualising how to make em look like the non-pixel pic

For example, the above is an attempt at making a mud texture. All the colors are there, problem is the “drawing” itself

I did an update of sorts

I’m not sure whether or not it remotely looks like pixel-mud

Texture Attempts

I think I figured how to make Chocolate…though it feels too simple and I had to look at another guy’s work to figure it out…appearance wise

Texture Attempts

Colors are different though

This close enough to chocolate?

Any advice on making meat?

I get the colors…sort of, but I’m not sure on the texture itself

Texture Attempts-export

i think your problem is the difference in detail, for example the mud “waves” have a lot of shading steps but the rest is a solid shade of color, as for your meath its a bit better but still the fat has a lot of detail but the flesh itself is one solid color

That’s part of my problem, do I make the eat get darker on the lower areas?

The fat and meat are of the same hue

As for the mud, it’s more or less the same problem for me, do I just make it all get darker the rest of the way down?

depends, what are you intending to do with these tiles, or if your not intending to put on actual use you should still think for what they would serve, if oyu dont know then i cant quite help you with that.

however the mud should at least be darker then the waves, also the lighting in the waves is reversed, the mud is on the front it should start dark and end light in the borders

also i recommend you to search for some reference images

I was thinking textures to be easily applied onto the various shapes, but tiles’d also work

Honestly, didn’t think to make the rest darker, the rest of the light mud is the midtone(so was confused on how to handle things rather than just removing said midtone), as for the mudwaves, it’s lighter then darker…I was thinking the light comes from the top

I’m trying to look for reference images which are easy to sorta copy, but so far no success

if its for objects then try to put on objects and see whats wrong
ill link this to you Pixel Art Tutorials - Saint11
there are several tutorials there you probaly will find something that will fit your needs, also dont shame yourself from copying, art takes pratice and training copying sometimes is nessesary, as long as you dont post it as your own it will be fine ^^

Looks familiar, I think I saw this on pinterest once

Been awhile, couldn’t find anything to do with textures on that page

Say, know any idea how to reflect/imitate something on a cylinder or sphere unto a tile/texture?

(Got it from Pinterest, I think I tried this before)

Because I’m still confused on how to properly imitate it, I can get how to make the colors of the individual texture unto the cylinder, but not the reverse

I decided to try making a texture, by making a tile

Stone Texture

This is supposed to be a stone texture, anything I did wrong in particular?

Also made a “Lava texture”…I’m not sure how to properly do it and I think I am getting the orange too wrong

Lava Texture

I’ve tried making a Cheese Texture, how do I do it right?

Cheese Texture

The light is coming from above here

I made a Reptile Skin texture, looking at actual reptile skin…I wasn’t sure how I could properly imitate them, let alone on a flat tile, so this was what I could come up with

And it’s less “scaly”

Reptile Skin Texture

Made another texture, “Asteroid”, well Asteroid surface-texture

Asteroid Texture

Yes, I kinda made it like the cheese texture, sort of, mostly due to the presence of holes

Wall Texture

This is my wall texture, I am a bit of an impasse here due to the number of hues I made not being an even number, since I’m not sure what to do with an even brighter brightest color or where to place it

I followed some directions of another vid, but decided to do my own, which is why this maybe less detailed

now its getting good, the only one that is odd is the reptile, remember they have a lot of scales

Point taken, I based it off this pixel-snake…yeah kinda cheating tbh

Got it from imgur

If I add more scales, do I make em smaller?

Was sorta out-of-commission and not feeling well for the past few days, and well I’m sorta snail’s pace, think this’d look right?

Reptile Skin Texture

For revised reptile skin? Or too obviously artificial?