Nudging with keyboard and 'big nudging' value

Nudging! Is there a way to change the default ‘big nudge’ value (shift+arrow keys when you have a seletion)? Currently it is 16 px, would be lovely to change this to other numbers.

Note: Nudging only seems to work when you have the marquee set of tools selected.
If you make a selection and have the ‘Move’ tool selected, nudging with arrows keys does not work (it will navigate your layers/timeline), which seems a little unintuitive. (You also cannot nudge a selection with any other tool other than selection tool active)

Note2: The info status bar at the bottom that tells you your coords when you move a selection does not auto-update when keyboard nudging. The status bar only updates on mousemove (so you can nudge with keys and then move the mouse to see the values).

Combined note consequence: because only the move tool displays the delta values (the movement of a selection from it’s origin) and you can’t keyboard nudge while the move tool is selected, this means you can’t check your nudging change delta values which would be very nice!!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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The amount of ‘nudge’ is equal to the grid settings. So if your grid is 16 x 16 then so is the ‘nudge’.
Experiment with changing your grid settings… View->Grid->Grid Settings.


Brilliant, thank you.

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