Number of frames selected


Maybe a silly idea, but It would be nice to be able to see how many frames you have selected down in the info in the bottom left of the screen.


I do like the idea :slight_smile:

In the same line I think that it could also be useful if that info would tell the number of selected layers and cells.

If it seems too much info maybe it could be enabled/disabled using a checkbox in options?


Alternatively, having a setting that resets the frame count inside tags, so every tag will start at frame 1, ect.


This would be most useful for my needs, since I often need to need to compare the Nth frames of several different animations.


Same, this is the reason I made this thread, having to manually count out frames isn’t the most ideal, especially with large frame count animations.

Currently my quick fix is to add a layer and draw the numbers in and scale up the frame previews.