Offset/shift tiled textures with Move tool

Hey there! Once again I’m here with a little concept of what could be added into Aseprite.

There’s an option to wrap a selected area through its edges – it’s located in Edit > Shift. The selected texture moves one pixel in the desired direction, and whatever gets outside the selected rectangle is wrapped to the other side. But even with keyboard shortcuts assigned, this solution still can be kind of annoying because you have to do it by individual pixels.

So I had an idea that there could be an optional action modifier key which, when pressed before or during the movement of a selection, could enable a sort of “wrapping mode” or “shifting mode”. (‘During‘ would make more sense I guess since ‘before‘ modifiers are already occupied.)

The slot could be blank by default so it doesn’t interfere with the existing setup, and advanced users who need this feature can assign a modifier by themselves… (Maybe as an obscure key which doesn’t get used otherwise)

Another option would be a separate wrap mode button or even a wrap selection tool, which is a more clear and proper solution, but on the other hand it would require extra work.

As always, I made a little mockup to demonstrate my idea:

Possible wrap button: image

It’s not in the animation, but a square selection would have to be made beforehand in order to use this feature. Or it could also wrap through the actual edges of the canvas, now that I’m thinking about it.

So what do you say, @dacap, could this be done? Also others, what do you think, would this be useful?


Hi @Glitcher, actually this feature is planned for the Move tool ( Move seamless tile? :: Aseprite General Discussion ), but we didn’t have the time to implement it yet. I like the icon :+1:


This would be very handy indeed. Glitcher brought this up as clear as it could and no surprise you are already planning to implement it. This would be really good option for the tiled tools to work efficiently. It’s also something that you would think to be in the software already, but just not knowing how to use it.

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Hey guys, sorry for bumping an old thread but the topic is still relevant - has this feature been implemented yet? I can’t seem to find if so!

I would see this as a cool feature but not very mandatory as you would rarely need it and the shift can be done manually for the moment. These days you would even draw the tiles with the new tile tools instead of doing it like this so it kind of makes this option secondary. I would like to see it one day though if somebody figures out how to utilize it the best.

I would feel that this would work with a pattern that is larger and different shaped. For example a grass area which has a texture as a wrapped continuous tile. You could choose the grass area and try to fit texture better by moving it.