Olde School Turn Based RPG

I have a question first, if I were to make an olde school RPG like ultima I, what size should I make my characters, my 16 x 20 character seems a bit too small for the screen.
RPGEnemyWizard 16x20

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Cleric Running
Cleric running

Enemy Cleric Attack!
Enemy Cleric Attack

Modifying it later is possible, but the current state isn’t too shabby. I recommend checking the sprite size against the overall scale of your project. It is crucial to have the ability to review it at a later time and determine whether you were correct in changing elements. Typically, a 16x16 tile size is used, so you can compare your characters with other objects, scenery, and buildings and make necessary alterations to find a sufficient scale.

I’m currently using a 32x32 sprite size for this project to more closely match the resolution of the HD television sets.

Cleric running300%

The characters look pretty decent, although the wizard lacks the same detail as the others (they have chainmail and bright pants highlights). I think the cleric could benefit from more consistent shading, especially on areas of the chainmail outfit that is not correctly lit the same in the first frame, such as the border from the chainmail to the pants. It would also be enjoyable to see a character with a warrior-like persona, like a knight. It looks like fun either way.