[Older Version Removed Feature] Option to use old spray tool behavior

I use the spray tool with shading ink-mode enabled in Aseprite to draw like a regular art program and this is an issue that I have with version 1.3+. It changed the spray tool to always generate noise even if spray width is set to 1. In version prior to 1.3, setting width to 1 would only spray on one pixel, and if using shading, will only darken one pixel.This was a useful alternative to using the regular pencil as it meant less clicks for shading a larger area. In fact, the pencil tool does better for fine detail.

If moved in place without moving to another pixel, the spray tool in 1.3 and above with always spray in a 2x2 square, making this impossible. On a larger scale, 1.2’s spray tool is always centered on the mouse cursor, while 1.3+ is off-centered to the upper left of the cursor, making drawing frustrating.

Asking for an option to at least enable the old behavior. It works better than the pencil tool most of the time for detailed pixel art and this is an issue that’s dissuaded me from using the newer versions despite the additional features & fixes.