On MacOS, adding ability to copy, paste, delete, rename and multiple select of files in Aseprite file browser

Unlike the PC version of Aseprite where the Windows File Explorer is launched when you browse for files from the ‘File’ drop-down menu, in MacOS Aseprite uses its own built-in file browser, to make it simpler to find files, unlike the Mac Finder. However, I found that you can’t right-click on a file from the file browser for example and do simple tasks on it, such as copy, cut, paste, rename and delete, or multiple selection of files if you wish to move them from one place to another. Adding such abilities would make the file browser on MacOS much more convenient.

Hi @goldeng, actually on macOS the native file dialog is available too. Uncheck the Edit > Preferences > General > Show Aseprite file dialog and you should see the native macOS file selector the next time you use File > Open/Save:


Anyway we might improve the custom Aseprite file selector with these options for the future.

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Ah amazing! How did I miss this option? :sweat_smile: But I’d still suggest that the Aseprite file manager would have such basic operations, as it is very nice to navigate through the OS files in pixel-art style, and besides in MacOS this would bring a Windows like file browsing experience, which would be a big plus over the Mac’s Finder.

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I think the same, the Aseprite file dialog has a lot of potential and we’ve to match some OS features, I’ve created this feature:

And there are some plans to open the Aseprite files dialog as a tab in a future (so any improvement in this area will be available as a tab in the future):