Onion skin not work with 2 layers

Hola, ¿por que esa función no funciona si hay dos capas?.
En esta captura la capa “Layer 2” es un fondo negro.
La piel de cebolla no funciona con esta capa activada.
Es decir, no puedo ver el frame 1 de la capa “Layer 1” en el frame 2 de la misma capa “Layer 1”.
Para que funcione tengo que desactivar “Layer 2”.

Hi, why does not this function work if there are two layers?
In this capture layer “Layer 2” is a black background.
The onion skin does not work with this activated layer.
That is, I can not see frame 1 of the layer “Layer 1” in frame 2 of the same layer “Layer 1”.
For it to work I have to disable “Layer 2”.

Onion skinning works like this:

Onion skin takes the whole sprite from the previous frame, including all layers, and puts it UNDERNEATH the current frame and its layers. So All layers of frame 1 is placed under frame 2.

If your sprite, in frame 2, has a giant black square as one of its layers, basically covering the entire sprite, how do you expect to see what’s underneath it?

Porque no sabía que coge todas las capas, pensé que sólo coge la capa seleccionada.
Ok, en ese caso no se puede hacer nada.

Because I did not know that it takes all the layers, I thought it only takes the selected layer.
Ok, in that case you can not do anything.

If you want a black background and have onion skinning work, you need to set up backgrounds correctly. Right now, you just made a layer with a black box and said it’s a background but that’s not the right way to have a colored background.

Use this option instead:

This will turn your last layer into a proper background and you can change the color to whatever you want. Then you will be able to have onion skin work ontop of it.

Not sure if this is what you want to do but it’s an option


Es cierto, eso funciona, es es lo que quería.

That’s right, that works, that’s what I wanted.
Thank you!.