Onion Skin randomly stops working correctly

Onion skin randomly stops working a few times. When this happens, specifically, it is the previous frame that does not show up, while the next frame does. I’ve attached a link to a sample file that shows this (make sure to enable onion skin ofcourse):


What’s your Aseprite version? Could you share your onion skin configuration (configuration screenshot)
You may have activated the ‘Current layer only’ checkbox. Uncheck if checked.

Screenshot 2023-12-18 at 10.08.43

Thanks for the reply, sorry for the late response. I’ve double-checked that option and it is indeed unchecked. For the version, I was using 1.3, but just downloaded 1.32 and when I open the file again, the same issue persists. It is only “fixed” if I open a new file, and manually copy frames from the affected file to the freshly created file and rename the layers again in the new file.

This is definitely a bug in Aseprite - just don’t know what triggers it. Here’s my onion skin settings:

Yeah, pretty sure it was the theme addon. Switched to default skin with dark mode enabled and it works fine without issues.