Only able to draw on Background Layer

Version: Windows,Steam (1.2.39 (64)

Im unable to use most tools (more specifically the Pencil Tool) on anything but a Background layer that cannot be moved. I can use ‘Layer from Background’ to make it a normal layer but i’m still only able to use all of the basic tools on the right on that layer alone. I’ve tried going through the other Betas on Steam and all share the same issue. I’ve also Verified the files and still no improvements.

Make sure you’ve selected a colour to draw with that isn’t “Mask”. It sounds like you might be drawing with the Mask colour, which essentially erases on the background colour (which is a kind of drawing xP), but on regular layers, which start off empty (all “Mask”), it does nothing.

Sadly after making sure that the Mask/Transparent color is not selected, it does not seem to fix the issue : (

SOLUTION: My issue was that I had my Ink set to ‘Lock Alpha’ rather than the ‘Simple Ink’ Settings.

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