Open .aseprite files in other software

Is it possible to open .aseprite (.ase) files, the Aseprite native filetype, in other software? Which software, if so?

I don’t think you can (although maybe somebody could make an import plugin in Gimp or something, I don’t know).

Anyway, you can always export to png image sequences and import in practically any other existing image/video software, so there shouln’t be any problem :slight_smile:

Ah, I am reminded of Final Fight, seeing your icon. How I used to play FF2 very often.

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Hahaha, SNES was great, those were the good times! :smiley:

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Indeed. Thinking about right now, I always liked how they sometimes allowed to come out of a barrel, even near a harbour, a piece of baked chicken! And they always had in those fighting games a light fast character not so strong, a slow big strong one, and one in-between. Ah, Final Fight.

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