Open Simplex 2 Noise Lua Script

Hi folks,

I ported KdotJPG’s OpenSimplex 2 from Java/C# to Lua and made an Aseprite dialog for it. The dialog adopts a technique from nervous disorder to make looping animations with noise. If you’re unfamiliar with noise, you can read more about simplex noise at the Wikipedia entry.

Here is an example with 24 frames of animation.


The dialog interface looks like this:

More information on what these inputs mean can be found in the repository README file.

I hope someone will find this fun and useful! :slight_smile:
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Is it possible to make the noise tile (i.e. wrap around the canvas edges when calculating transitions)?

Even if not, this is very cool! Lots of uses for animated looping noise. Thank you.

Hi @eishiya,

Thanks. I don’t know off the top of my head. Some places I’d go to start researching the matter are and Seamless Noise - /* Why you crying? */ - . (KDotJPG seems to post on /r/proceduralgeneration, though he doesn’t participate in the conversation above.)

The benefit of using OpenSimplex2 is that the license allows me to adapt it to new tools… but the downside is that I’m playing with forces I don’t fully understand. :stuck_out_tongue: Cue the ominous music.


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