Option to Loop back to the first frame of a Tag section when manually cycling with keys

Hello everyone!

First off, I love this program, it has been a major component to my dev process for years. But I’ve had this idea for a while and thought just maybe it could be implemented.

When I am making a character, I usually have all their animations in one file, separated my individual Tags/Layers for each.

But when I am using the keyboard to manually cycle forward and back, I need to use my mouse to reset to the fist frame of the Tag Section.

I think it would be VERY useful to have an option tick box that allows the cycling to automatically go to the first frame (or last if going the other direction).

I hope others agree, because I would absolutely love this feature.

Thanks to the Devs for this awesome product.

If I understand your request correctly, this is already kind of a thing: the arrow keys go through all frames, but the , and . keys cycle within a tag.


Thank you x1000000000

wow. its been right under my nose this whole time.

thanks again

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