Option to still use touchscreen to drag canvas instead of drawing

Hi, we recently got an update that made moving your finger on the touchscreen draw. While it may be cool for people with Surfaces without pen, it really messes up the workflow for some users (not only me) that do use pen/stylus - dragging the canvas with pinch gesture is kinda finicky and shaky. Can we get an option to change touch interaction (or maybe I’m just missing the setting)? I’m pretty sure I won’t ever use my finger to draw when I can simply use the pen.
Thanks a lot!

EDIT: sorry, found the option now, my bad! Topic can be closed/deleted now…

I’ll leave this post alive just in case some other user want to know about the option: It’s in Edit > Preferences > Experimental > Interpret one finger as mouse movement checkbox (it’s only available on Windows because it’s related to surface-like devices).