Outline of different layer

I have an image on bottom layer, I want to user the outline FX but have it put the outline on the top layer. When I try to I get an error saying that there’s no image on the layer.


Any advise on whether this is possible?

It only works on the current layer, I think. You could duplicate the layer you want, fill it solid, outline, and then delete the fill colour.

Edit: If you’re trying to do this via a selection, then perhaps stroking is what you need, not outlining?

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Stroking? I haven’t heard about that.

Edit > Stroke (default hotkey: S) strokes the inside of your selection with a 1px thick line. If you need the outside of your selection stroked, then you can expand your selection by a pixel or two prior to stroking it (Select > Modify > Expand).

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That sounds like exactly what I want. Thanks @eishiya.

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