Paint bucket suddenly fills background transparency

A weird behaviour that started happening now in the middle of me working on a project. The paint bucket tools is filling the background transparent section.

As you can see in the gif, it does this with both contiguous on and off. Tolerance is at 0 and 4 way connected on.
paint bucket bug

It’s a large project, roughly 6000x4000. would that have anything to do with it?


When I zoom out there’s this weird blue line across the page. It’s there even after a restart, I have no idea what it is.

Either way, I copied all the layers into a new project and it’s all apples again.

that’s verical symmetry line - switch it off

the symmetry mode mirrors the use of paint bucket and what is most likely happening is that there’s empty space on the opposite side of where you clicked. hence the tool fills the area you’ve clicked on and the background.

Ah yep, that explains it. I must’ve accidentally turned it on. I’ll know for next time.

Thanks Olga :slight_smile:

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