Palette Organization?

Hello! I’ve been using Aseprite for a while, and after downloading a ton of palettes from Lospec and placing them into Aseprite’s “/data/palattes” directory, I realized that there was no easy way to sort or organize any of the ones I wanted to access quickly.

So, what if, for each palette that can be added into the program, you could click on a little heart icon next to its name to “favorite” it so you could find it even faster later through a dedicated “favorites” tab?

Or, what if you could create a custom tab full of whatever palettes you’d like based on which ones are present inside inside the palette directory by clicking on an icon next to each palette’s name and selecting from a submenu of sorts, “Add to new organization tab”?

Here’s a poorly-edited example of what what this feature could look like. I know it looks downright awful, but I’m sure it could be an exceedingly useful addition to Aseprite’s already vast arsenal of features.

Edit: Added one extra tab to try to explain this concept a little better and fixed some grammar mistakes


that is a incredible idea i have lots of palettes and no way to organize them, if i may add i like to create palette extensions and it would be relly nice if you could setup for the extension to create a new tab too(a boolean would probaly work).