Panning effect over long canvas?

I have a long canvas which I would like to scroll across to animate. Is there an easy way or will I have to copy+paste+move every frame in the “camera” canvas?

You may use this script: Path Animator Script by Gasparoken

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or parallax: GitHub - TekF/Aseprite-Scripts

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Great! This is exactly what I needed. I’m trying to use it and wanted to know wether it will automatically create a new frame for every movement or wether I need to move + add frame.

it won’t, the fastest way is to hit alt+n and then one of the arrows.
but you can add app.command.NewFrame() line into function Scroll after the line 26 local sprite = app.activeSprite - that will add new frame anytime you click on an arrow.

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@Olga_Galvanova I wonder if you would please be able to assist me again.
The Github script you recommended, works well, however my canvas is 650px long with animated frames. So I am having to “select frame+click parallax arrow (n+1)” Which will take my me ages. Is there any way I can do this automatically?

well, i guess there might be some way to tweak a script. you could insert a loop to repeat a step numerous times or maybe calling the script from other script multiple times could work as well without the need to modify original script.

but i believe the easiest way would be to export separated layers and put them together as a final step in compositing software or video editor.
that way you have to set only start and end points of motion as a keyframes for each layer. you can then export it as sequence and import it back to aseprite to make some clean up if necessary.
of course you need to calculate proper time spans to have the layers move in whole numbers of pixels and not fractions to avoid blurring or distortion as much as possible. big advantage of such workflow is the fact you can easily change the speed of layers any time you decide, because the movement is not baked in timeline.
this is not perfect, but that’s what i do in cases like this.

i work with after effects and blackmagic design fusion (part of software called resolve for free), but any editor is going to be fine.

Thank you, I’ll see what I can do. I initially created a panning effect in Premiere Pro but it looked quite bad. I think because the image didn’t move pixel by pixel

yeah, that’s important. also there shouldn’t be any motion blur switched on.