Paranoid pixels

Based on Black Sabbath’s cover art (ref).


Feedback welcome :slight_smile:


Great album, and I love the chibi version of the guy on the cover! Lol. It’s really cool. My only thing is, I would have liked to see him running at the camera followed by the after-images like in the original. But, meh, that’s just me.

Great job though. I like the idea of playing as the paranoid knight as a character in a retro style game… Hmm…

I think the hair is very interesting and is kinda floppy and moves up and down too much, I like the background and eyes in the background, but from what I can tell in the reference the shield and hat have dots. I would try to smooth the animation a bit and make it less snappy and not blend the pink knee into the shield, it looks a bit like the wind to his left would be coming from his mouth but its not close enough. Finally I think the helmet could be rounded a bit more to make it more helmet like and the hair put closer to the eye/eyebrows, the eyebrows are very expressive but don’t really show fear(which is what I am guessing they are supposed to.) all in all it looks very nice and gives a lot of nice clarity to a very blurry image reference.

I haven’t heard this looks cooooooooool!
You may be able to make an mv with the content of the album!
omg may more darker!! :smile_imp: :smile_imp: :smile_imp: :smile_imp: