Pasting 4BPP, 3BPP, & 2BPP images broken in v1.2.25

Pasting from this program results in a black sqaure when this wasn’t the case in 1.2.23

Pictured above I pasted a 4bpp image, 2bpp image and 3bpp image into both 1.2.23 and 1.2.25.
on the right is a picture of the progam I’m copying from.

Edit: I found the installer for 1.2.23 in my recycle bin, crisis averted
Edit 2: heres the clipboard data

Hi @MM102, what is the name of the program you are using to edit the graphics?

The program is Graphics Editor which is a super mario world oriented character editing program. However this also happens with YY-CHR a more popular and universal character editing program. Here is also a collection of .bin files and palettes for you to test with. Thanks!

Hi @MM102, I tried to run those programs on a VM but the Graphics Editor contains a virus and I wasn’t able to know how YY-CHR works. Just in case if you can save the clipboard format using a program like Clipbook Viewer in .cl7 that will be help us in my side to give it a try.

This should be fixed for the next release YY-CHR Copy/Paste Bug · Issue #4029 · aseprite/aseprite · GitHub (sorry for the late fix, but we didn’t receive another bug report about this until today).

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