Pasting when something is selected should use the selection as paste origin

When trying to create a sprite sheet manually, I’ve encountered some mild annoyance.

Suppose that I have a sprite sheet with 32x32 grid. I copy some 32x32 sprite into selected grid cell (selection has coordinates (32, 32), for example). But when I paste, the selection is ignored and pasted at (0,0), while it could be very useful for the pasted contents to go into the selected cell/area. This is also useful when moving parts of the image around the tileset/sprite sheet, when you want to select cell -> Ctrl-X -> select another cell -> Ctrl-V to move contents between different grid cells.

Some editors insert buffer’s contents into the center of selection, which is the generalization of wanted behaviour.

Of course, this could break some people’s workflows which expect the paste to work as it does now, so it should probably be added as an option.


Agreed, this is how Photoshop does it. It would be a nice quality-of-life addition to Aseprite.

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