Payed by PayPal eCheque by accident

Hi. I paid for Aseprite by PayPal eCheque by accident, not realising the eCheque can take well over a week to clear.

I’ve contacted Aseprite to ask them to cancel my eCheque as only they are able to do this, but have had no response :cry: I want to start using the software asap but can’t until the echeque is cancelled and I will then fund my paypal account and make an instant payment. It’s been a couple days since I emailed…

I could just make a payment now but I don’t want to do this because then I’m potentially going to have paid double for the software depending on whether they will cancel the accidental payment (and since I’m unfarmiliar with the software I’m not willing to take that risk)…

Hi @AvengingGibbons, I’m in the mobile now but this afternoon I’ll try to refund your purchase.

Thankyou very much dacap, that’s all i want :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: excited to start using your app!

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