Peach Watermark Issue : Macbook

Hey Folks,

Just kind of puzzled on how to fix this issue. I was just trying to make an animation in Aesprite and had just imported a PNG. file with a transparent background with sprites as my sprite sheet for myself to use (this can be seen below). Somehow, I managed to get this working for some of my frames by simply inserting the sprites using the marquee selection tool and copy and pasting it into my animation.

However, when I booted up my animation once again and did the same process for some new layers; there was this peach coloured water - mark surrounding my sprite (which evidence can be seen down below).

If there’s a solution to my issue, do please let me know as soon as possible if you can. It would certainly be greatly appreciated.

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hi, Ezon_101. the transparency is somehow lost. there are several ways how that can happen.
one possible reason can be the fact you are working in indexed mode and changed index colour assigned to serve as transparent colour. by default it is the first colour in palette with little dot in the middle. when you change that to something else and then paste another image, aseprite will assign indexes from target palette. and because the default index 0 is not transparent anymore, the transparency will be discarded.
the fact it did work for you before suggests something like that happened.

how to deal with it - you can check if transparent index colour is the same number in target and source sprite.
another option is to use replace colour function. pick the peach colour which should be transparent with eyedropper tool, select the layer with your character sprite and hit shift + R. that will open the window with options to change a colour to something else. choose ‘mask’ as target colour and you should see the peach background turn transparent again.